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Video of Mark Zuckerberg getting into Harvard and his father’s reaction is priceless

Video of Mark Zuckerberg getting into Harvard and his father’s reaction is priceless

During the whole course of a kid’s education, the ones that are more indulged in it more than the student himself, are the parents. From school to high school to college, all the big or small moments, all the good and bad achievements; parents have a fair share in them.

Supposedly, if a child applies for a university, from his test preparations to the final moment that his enrolment is confirmed, parents ensure complete attention and support for their kid.


Same is the case with all the geniuses that our world has been blessed with.


Yesterday, the Father of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg released an old fascinating video that is literally too adorable to ignore.

Check it out:

As you can see that this video shows the exact moment of nostalgia, where the tech genius of the century; Mark Zuckerberg finds out that he has been selected in Harvard back in 2006. The very place where he completed his college education and transformed himself into the leading tech icon that he is today.
You may also witness the fact that Mark’s father is much more excited and shows more enthusiasm than Mark himself, as he finds out his bright kid is now a Harvard lad.


Mark’s response to the news is a simple non-enthusiastic “yay” while you can hear his father screaming with joy. It is the most beautiful example of one of the purist relationships that exist in this world; the relationship between a young boy and his daddy.


No matter how old or strong or successful you get your old man is always going to be your hero and the one you look up to in every situation of your life; good or bad.

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