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Religion Lives While Humanity Took its Last Breath #MardanAttack

Religion Lives While Humanity Took its Last Breath #MardanAttack

The light of Mashaal Khan has been quenched brutally


Shab Ko Shaitan Bhi Mangay Hai Panahen Jis Se… 

Subh Ko Wo Sahib e Emaan Hua Phirta Hai…  


Jany Kab Kon Kisey Maar de “Kafir” Keh Kr… 

Shehar Ka Shehar ‘MUSALMAN’ Hua Phirta Hai… 


You might have forgotten about Sialkot incident, but these bloodthirtsy souls have reminded us what people with brainwashed ideology could do to anyone they find against their beliefs.

It’s a sad day for us. A day so dark and vicous that it is going to haunt our thoughts and hearts for decades to come. It’s a shame to live in a society where humanity continues to get slaughtered right in front of your eyes by the hands of a herd of ignorant animals that hide behind beards and commit crimes so heinous that can make Satan feel good about himself. Blinded by their perverted sense and understanding of religion, these evil disciples sacrificed another human life confusing it as a virtuous religious act. Paganistic thoughts of a sick mind.

A bright and youthful 23 years old student of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, was brutally shot and beaten to death for an alleged case of blasphemy. Mashal and Abdullah, the two university students accused of sharing blasphemic content on social media, intended to promote Ahmedi faith in the society. They were attacked within the very premises of their university by a huge number of “Jahalat ka Jihad Karnay Walay” people whose violent actions ended up with Mashal’s death.

Eye witnesses terrifyingly elaborated the whole incident. First guy to fall victim by the hands of these extremists was Abdullah who was lucky enough to be saved by the police officials on time before God knows what could have happened. Abdullah was forcefully asked to recite verses of the Holy Quran as he continuously screamed that he’s not an Ahmedi while he was getting beaten like a dirt bag. Sadly Mashal wasn’t as fortunate as Abdullah who paid the price of religious extremism with gallons of blood and his mortality. Fueled by hate and fascism, they kept beating him even after he was dead from the gunshot.

Keep in mind that this heinous action wasn’t done by the hands of ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Boko Haram or Taliban, the bruised soaked body of Mashal is a gift from our so called “Moderate and Peaceful Majority”. If you think that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s struggling against terrorism only then it is high time for you to either change your opinion or discard the dictionary which has fed you with this dull definition of terrorism.


“He was brilliant and inquisitive, always complaining about the political system of the country, but I never heard him saying anything controversial against the religion”. This is what Mashal’s teacher had to say about him.

Blasphemy is a strong card that has been played so many times by religious extortionists who feed their evil agendas by manipulating the minds of people making them no less than a terrorist. No evidence needed, no justifications required, no flexibility for reasoning.

What exactly are we trying to achieve? Is it possible to serve a religion by going against all the ethics and values the religion stands upon?

Others maybe ‘Kafir’ but we are what you call ‘Munafiq’.


Rind bakhshay gaye qiamat mein

Shaikh kehta raha hisaab hisaab



We are the same people who think of Hitler as an idol and the Holocaust as a mighty tale. We are the same people who are followers of a religion that emphasizes upon co-existence and inter-religious harmony yet we are the worst example of religious intolerance. We are the same people who bad mouth Donald Trump and Narendra Modi for being racial fascists while we drink our tea that is cooked with flames of burnt down churches and temples. We are worse than hypocrites than to think that it’s perfectly alright to harm other religions and faiths, but lose our marbles over a social media satire or mockery. We are no better than pagans who sacrificed human lives to please their Gods.

There is no honor in killing. Stop justifying your inhuman actions under the shelter of religion. No religion, I repeat no religion in this world consents with the idea of taking an innocent man’s life just because you choose extremism over empathy.

When a country glorifies immoral mad men claiming to be the saviors of religion, you know that country is headed towards damnation.

We defied Malala and received a blood filled slap in the form of APS attack, we made a shrine of Mumtaz Qadri and here we have faced the worst act of barbarianism.

I wonder how many innocent lives will be lost before we stop giving in to our lust for spilling blood.

Saad is an active member of Hatobacho family and has expertise in creative content, thinking out of the box and making various strategies for upcoming themes. He also works in and advertising agency as a social media executive.

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