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LUMS Students on a Noble Mission to End Hunger in Pakistan

LUMS Students on a Noble Mission to End Hunger in Pakistan

Ramadan is the month of caring, giving, and helping those who need our help the most. There is something divine about this month that ignites a sense of humanity, compassion, and thoughtfulness in all of us, which is the true reflection of what the holy month of Ramadan is all about.


The best way to live up to the true spirit of this divine month is opting for an effort or a deed that can benefit the needy, and a new noble project called “Rizq” being led a group of students from Lahore is the best example of it.




“Rizq” is an initiative taken by a group of students from Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) who plan to eradicate the terrible ordeal of malnutrition and hunger in Pakistan.


How they plan to do it?


By completely obliterating food waste in our society by collecting excess foods from restaurants, caterers, houses, and distribute them among the needy.

By spreading necessary awareness and promoting healthy eating habits in our society.

By developing an efficient system that enables people to donate both fresh and leftover food directly from the events, and indirectly from monetary donations; while maintaining complete transparency.


Team Rizq


This amazing new concept of social aid is the first of its kind that Pakistan has ever seen. This project is being led by 3 recent LUMS graduates Huzaifa Ahmad, Musa Amir and Qasim, who got this inspiration for Huzaifa’s mother Rukhsana; who feeds hundreds of people from her home every day.




They jump-started this project back in 2015 with nothing but an ambition and a Facebook page, which went viral and earned more than 5k likes overnight. Their first ever food distribution venture comprised merely 50-60 plates of Haleem which were donated by a humble man from Jail Road, Lahore.


Good intentions lead to extraordinary results. Little did this trio know that the seed they sowed, would transform into a giant tree that would blossom and yield amazing fruits.

Currently “Rizq” serves 200 to 250 meals on average per day and they plan to elevate it up to 2000 meals per day.


As noble as this concept is, it is nothing less in brilliance. The very idea to ward off hunger by eliminating the food waste epidemic is simply brilliant. Food waste is one of the leading cause of malnutrition and hunger in people.


Food Waste(4)




Every slice we waste can feed a starving human.


May we all feel the same inner calling of virtue and kindness like these bright young lads do and join hands to rid our society of nuisances like poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and injustice.


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