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#SoldBodies – Kunal Kapoor’s Heartbreaking Poetry on Women Trafficking is Putting all Men to Shame

#SoldBodies – Kunal Kapoor’s Heartbreaking Poetry on Women Trafficking is Putting all Men to Shame

This new outreach campaign about women trafficking awareness is a slap in the ugly face of our gender discriminated society. If this heartbreaking poetry by Kunal Kapoor doesn’t make your eyes wet then God knows what might.




Human trafficking; one of the ugliest stigma in the face of our so-called “civilized” society.

It comes in many forms and isn’t partial to any gender, or age group. Men, women, kids, adolescents; no one is saved by the likes of this terrible nightmare that exists in our society.


Among all the other types women trafficking and slavery is the most commonly prevailed type in the whole world, in all eras. Be it the Vikings age, the old Roman empire, or the Mughal Empire; this curse has been there in it’s most hideous form.


It’s such a shame that our society has become so ignorant and perverted in their thoughts that some people defend women trafficking and prostitution by calling it a “necessary evil”, an evil that is a dire need of our society. The same people who feel it’s alright for some women to spend her whole life as a sex worker just for the sake of a few bucks and to maintain balance in the society, would get hell bent on killing if someone had a second glance at their wife, or daughter.


We’ve come such a long way in the course of evolution and civilization yet we still haven’t been able to get rid of societal nuisances like women trafficking. We may call ourselves “civilized”, but we are far from becoming what we actually claim to be.




“Modern day slavery is real, and India is the ‘slave capital’ of the world which has as much as 18.3 million fallen victims of forced slavery.”


Every 3 minutes an innocent girl is forced to enter the ferocious world of trafficking without any age barriers. The average age of these women is 12 years, while some are as young as 6 years old.


The poetry is trying to tell a different side of the story which common people like us don’t even bother to ponder over.



It’s pinpointing at the so-called “harmless” common man of the society who sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil. It’s the same common man that doesn’t speak up about an evil and that makes them evil too.



We may not partake in societal menaces like these personally but it doesn’t make us any less of a culprit considering the fact that we barely raise our voice for the injustice.


This amazing concept is the brainchild of My Choices Foundation. 


A social organization that aims to give women, children, and families the liberty to live their lives free from the nuisances of violence, abuse, and exploitation.

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