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Karachi Faces Petrol Shortage as Oil Tankers go on Strike

Karachi Faces

You might have woken up to the news of Petrol shortage in Karachi. If you are lucky, then you must have got your car fuel full as the Oil tankers goes on strike in Karachi.

The information launched by Abdus Sami, the Chairman of the Fuel Pump Association predicts that more than 30 percent of fuel stations are low on petrol in Karachi whereas other cities in Pakistan are not facing such problems.

The running crisis of petrol and diesel being influenced by different mafias with never ending grudges between the Oil Tankers Contractors Association and the double taxes being imposed is at large leaving a great impact on consumers for more than 3 days.

With office and business people and other locals of Karachi being highly affected, the problem can be addressed when a proper monitoring body for general sales tax should be established to ignore such problems in the future.

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