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City by the Sea


City by the Sea: Karachi Faces Water Shortage Crisis

City by the Sea: Karachi Faces Water Shortage Crisis

It sounds ironic doesn’t it?

Well it is. After the long lost hopes of roti, kapra, and makaan; masses now have to suffer from paani ki maar too.

Karachi; the city by the sea is facing a terrible ordeal in the form of a water shortage crisis where as much as 41% of the city’s populated areas have no water pipelines.

City by the Sea

Did you know?

Karachi has the 7th largest urban agglomeration and is the largest city in the whole Muslim world.

In a cosmopolitan city like Karachi where more than 27 million people reside, contributes to the revenue and GDP greater than any other city or more than one cities combined (to be fairly honest),  it’s a shame to deprive this city from basic necessities, let alone the luxuries. Only 550 million gallons per day of water is being supplied to residents whereas the demand is 1,240 million gallons per day; more than double of the quantity being supplied.

Who’s to blame?

Federal government?

Provincial govenrment?

Water board?

Water tankers mafia?

City by the Sea

We the mango people; are left with nothing but two choices. We either keep playing the blame game on each other and the authorities, or we go out and protest as it is the only perk of democracy we enjoy as a so called “democratic state”.

Founder and leader of Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustufa Kamal has initiated a protest demonstration for this issue where he stated that: “Karachi is generating revenue for the entire country but the leaders have not spared it,” and added that the the K-IV project that he devised as the mayor in his tenure was a futuristic solution. “We demand that the government start laying pipelines. I can help the government without any incentive since I have experience of laying pipelines during my [tenure],” Kamal further added.

There have been protests before this and there will be protests after this. Let’s hope for the best and see if this time it will be worth the effort or not like every time.

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