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IS takes responsibility for kidnapping and killing two Chinese in Quetta

IS takes responsibility for kidnapping and killing two Chinese in Quetta

The so-called Islamic State Group (IS) has taken responsibility for the kidnapping and killing of two Chinese teachers in Quetta, Balochistan, according to the militant group’s media agency Amaq.


“Islamic State fighters kill two Chinese people they had been holding in Balochistan province, southwest Pakistan,” Amaq quoted.


Armed men disguised themselves as policemen and kidnapped the Chinese teachers from Quetta’s Jinnah Town area on May 24.


The victims were being held hostage in the Mastung district, the same area where Pakistan Army had already conducted a state operation against the Islam State Group and Lashkar e Jhangvi (a banned group and a close associate of IS) between 1st June to 3rd in order to trace and rescue the kidnapped Chinese.


There were three victims in total out of whom the terrorists killed two of the Chinese nationals, while the third one managed to escape. They also gunned down a passing man as he tried to intervene.


Chinese officials strongly condemn this criminal act against their nationals saying that “attaches high importance to the safety of Chinese citizens overseas”.



Chinese foreign ministry said about the incident that they are “gravely concerned” and that the abduction “highlights risks” related to CPEC and Pak-China relationship.


If incidents like these continue to happen in the future, it would hinder the smooth process of the CPEC project and Pak-China relationship. A huge number of Chinese nationals associated to CPEC project have resided themselves in Quetta and other nearby places of Balochistan who must be getting cold feet due to the uncertain law and order situation in the province. Pakistan government and armed forces must apply all necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals and the long term mutually beneficial relationship between China and Pakistan.


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