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Is Padmavati the most controversial Bollywood Movie of All time?

Is Padmavati the most controversial Bollywood Movie of All time?

Bollywood has always tried to go an extra mile and make movies on subject that might not be acceptable to the masses or you can say the religious or political activist. These activists are always looking for a reason to create mess or show their so called love for their country by protesting to ban movies which shows the actual picture of the society, environment and the issues people face in their daily life. Whether it talks about bold issues or not, or includes any Pakistani actor. Currently the food for these so-called objectors is the up-coming movie “Padmavati.”

Padmavati – a Bollywood movie based on a poem “Padmavat” written on a Rajput queen in the sixteenth century – is facing a lot of criticisms since past January. The movie is based over the Hindu Rani Padmini who had to kill herself to save her honour from the Muslim Raja Alauddin Khilji. The movie which was expected to become the box office record breaker of 2017 has turned into the most debatable movie of the present time. The movie is bringing in tensions across the country because it has been stated that the facts have been misrepresented.

Sanjay Bhansali – the director, and Deepika Padukone – the lead actress, has been receiving threats since months from the Rajputians and the BJP leader. The film starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s release date has been delayed although, considering the situation of the country. People have lodged the complaint to ban the film. The political groups who are against the film state that the film may distort the historical facts of the Rajput queen and the community.

Padmavati is one of the most controversial movie but definitely not the only one. Recently, Lipstick under my Burkha was censored as it was stated lady oriented. The movie Pink was also criticized as it focuses of female role and power. Rajneeti was greatly criticized because it shows the lapse in government. This is very common in India as they do not focus on rights on women yet.

History, imagination, folk stories and myths are being merged continuously. We are accepting allegories into our history but not imagination into history. This is because of the mindsets of the people and our limitations to think out of the box. Similarly, the queen portrayed in the movie is of a fictional character, not actual.

In past, a lot of movies have been victimized by such protestors which if had been brought on screen might have shown the viewer’s such societal issues which exist but not known to the common world. Such issues need to be brought on the front screen so a solution is found to stop such objects. In fact, these movies were brought on screen after some excerpts were removed or edited. But the movies do not stay the same. They lose their charm and get out of cinemas in no time. But this time it’s not about some unpopular b-town’s champs but about Sanjay L. Bansali, Deepika and Ranvir; they would definitely convince their fan following to watch the movie.

So let’s wait for the movie to finally release and then decide over the issues which has erupted such concerns.

Manahyl is an entrepreneur running her online business and private tuition centre for O & A levels students. Manahyl holds an MBA from Bahria University and is a graduate in Marketing. During school and University, she has been an active part of many debating groups and other curricular activities. Manahyl is an ambitious girl with high goals in life and a vision to take her online business to new height.

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