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Irfan Khan is a better Social Media Marketer than most professionals

Irfan Khan is a better Social Media Marketer than most professionals

Irrfan Khan is unarguably the “jack of all trades”. His versatility isn’t just limited to his skills as an actor, but in so many other ways that you can’t even begin to fathom.

He can go from being a righteous police officer in Slumdog Millionaire to a violent street gangster in  Hasil and nail all of them like a damn natural.

irfan khan movies


Long story short, “Irrfan Khan can do anything”.

He totally can!


We all have seen his emotional side of the personality, his peppy side, his witty side, his barbaric side, and now he’s blasting the audience’s minds off by his “dank” side of the personality.


He’s taken over social media by storm to promote his upcoming comedy film “Hindi Medium”.
Irrfan isn’t trending on social media, he has become the trend himself by transforming himself into a meme.

irrfan khan meme

irrfan khan meme

The next time you are looking for a dank meme to be creative with your thoughts, one face can do the job; and that is Irrfan Khan.

Look at his latest video in collaboration with AIB and see how lit it is.

Look how beautifully he’s nailing all the social media trends like a pro. From his lustful looks in “Ao Haveli Pe” to the frustrated tone of Gormint aunty in “Ye bik gayi hai gormint”, he has taken movie promotion to a whole other level and putting so many social media marketers to shame with his crazy creative marketing skills.


This is not Irfan’s first venture in collaboration with AIB that went viral.

Check out some of their previous work and be astonished.

Irrfan Khan truly seems to live up to the statement that he can do anything. The unique trend he has set in the world of films is gonna go a long way for sure.

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