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Attack on Iran's Parliament


Terrorist Attack on Iran’s Parliament and Khomeini’s Mausoleum

Terrorist Attack on Iran’s Parliament and Khomeini’s Mausoleum

Terrorism in Iran just took a fierce turn, and there has been catastrophe and total disorder in the global media as the news broke of a terrorist attack in Iran’s parliament and Ayatullah Khomeini’s residence in the capital city of Iran, Tehran.


The hostile attack is still ongoing according to resources, with reports flooding in of a number of casualties and injuries, and conflicting records about a hostage situation and a suicide bomber’s death.


This is the third terrorist attack that Iranian forces have prevented according to Iranian officials, but this is the first one to be claimed by the so-called Islamic State Group (IS). IS also released a video which is claimed to be an inside footage of the Iranian parliament.


What we know about the incident


Gunmen carrying Kalashnikovs forcefully broke in the parliament in the morning, and in turn shot down a security guard along with further unconfirmed reports of several more deaths.


Conflicting reports of a continued hostage situation are flying in, along with press images that show a major security operation taking place in the parliamentarian premises, and a video showing heavy ammunitions being fired.


MP Mojtaba Zonnour speaks to the Mehr News Agency about the incident and claims that that the Iranian security forces have the surrounding area of the parliament absolutely safe and the situation “under full control”, but still struggling to manage the hostile situation inside of the building.


Sayyed Ali Khamenei
Another target was Ayatullah Khomeini’s mausoleum in southern Tehran.


Officials claim that out of the two terrorists, one was wearing a suicide vest which he managed to detonate, and in turn injured several people who were visiting the shrine of Khomeini. The other was gunned down by the paramilitary Iranian forces before he could do any harm. Conflicting reports also claim that one of the terrorists was a woman, or was dressed like a woman for some reason.


This incident has shaken all of Iranians to their core, who are used to live in a country that is statistically far more safer than its neighboring countries. It is being called the worst of its kind after the Islamic Revolution back in 1979.


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