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Intel Sponsors Olympics


Intel to Sponsor Olympics, Showcases Virtual Reality Power

Intel to Sponsor Olympics, Showcases Virtual Reality Power

The tech industry is in a fiery wake of competition, which became evident as chipmaker juggernaut Intel plans to sponsor the Olympics through 2024 in the company’s latest bid to showcase its technology through high-profile sports events. The company stated that it will collaborate with the International Olympic Committee to bring technology such as 360-degree video, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones in order to enhance experience of Olympic Games.

Intel VR— Next BIG Thing

Intel VR

The chipmaker behemoth is signing at the right when global interest in the Olympic is declining. Moreover, the TV ratings have slumped and cities have dropped out of the running to host the games as costs are surging. However, sponsorship is a part of wider penetration into sports for Intel after it launched a group to assess such deals for highlighting areas of initiatives other than its main computer processors business. The California-based company has been connecting VR and other technology to enhance the fan experience during games of football, basketball, and baseball.

Intel VR

The announcement of the agreement came in after a week of McDonald’s Corp. reported that its concluding its Olympic collaboration after 2018 Winter games, three years prior of the agreement to expire. The fast food behemoth has been in a partnership with Olympic since 1976 and showed the desire to focus on other opportunities.

Intel taps Sports Industry

Intel taps sports industry

Earlier this month, the company announced a three-year agreement with Major League Baseball to use its true VR technology in order to broadcast games and highlights. It also offers fans the option of being able to choose between four different VR angles, and access to stats, player data and out-of-town scores on the second screen.

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