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From Indian Slum to NYC Ballet School

From Indian Slum to NYC Ballet School

Dreaming has no rules, and Amiruddin Shah made sure of it by earning a spot at the American Ballet Theater’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School.


Amiruddin is the son of a welder. The 15-year-old was discovered two and a half years ago while at a dance academy in India.


‘I never thought I would become a ballet dancer,’ Amiruddin said, though he knew from the age of six that he loved to move with music.

“India is not on the ballet map, and I want to take India to an even higher level.” said Amiruddin Shah.

Dreams are not confined just within rich people of the world. Even the darkest places reap the future shining stars. An Israeli-American teacher saw him doing cartwheels at the academy and advised him to practice ballet. Little did he know that after less than three years his life would change in the most unexpected way he would have ever thought of.

When you have skills, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. Set goals and start working, the success is always waiting for you.

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