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Aman ki Asha – Indians and Pakistanis finally raise a mutual voice for peace

Aman ki Asha – Indians and Pakistanis finally raise a mutual voice for peace

Pak India peace process seems to be picking up pace and opening up doors for a mutual dialog to maintain peace in Pakistan and India.


Pak India Peace Process

Isn’t it ironic that in the past we have lived together for centuries and now our conflicts have become so severe that maintaining peace between these two neighboring countries that share the same culture and history seems fictitious?

It’s been merely 70 years since Pakistan and India separated yet the never-ending feud between the two seems millenniums old.


Pak India peace talk

The wind of change seems to finally blow. More than 250 renowned personalities from India and Pakistan have joined hands to take the Pak India peace process towards its completion.


These personalities include over 250 prominent people from different areas expertise like  social activists, thought-leaders, journalists, lawyers, filmmakers, physicians and musicians have proposed initiated a mutually endorsed statement on May 5 that urges both the governments to put aside their differences and move positively towards improving their international relations.


This not the first recent attempt to promote a peace dialog. The last attempt ended in vain due to chauvinistic statements towards militant attacks but now the 250 signatories encourage the authorities to initiate an “uninterrupted” dialog.


“The traditional response to such disruptions only strengthens those who want continued tensions between our two countries,” the statement says.


To read the complete list of endorsers and the complete statement you can click here:

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