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Making Eid Special


How to Make This Eid Special for Your Servants

How to Make This Eid Special for Your Servants

Our servants serve us each day in different ways. They clean our houses, wash our clothes, drive us to places, cook for us and what not.

Well, Eid is right around the corner, don’t you think it would be a great idea if we try and make this Eid special for them?

Here are some ways you can do so:

buying clothes for poor

Buy Them Clothes: 

When you go for Eid shopping, remember those who help you in everyday life; your servants. Buy them new clothes as they do not make enough money to fulfill the need of their families.  It’s not necessary to buy expensive clothes and stuff, just some new and reasonable ones will do. Everyone deserves to look good on Eid, try to make them feel good about themselves.

Invite people to your house

Invite Them to Your House:

Remember, each time you are sitting on the table and the food is being prepared for you? Why not switch places for one day. Invite your servants to your house for dinner or lunch, prepare food and serve them. Make them feel special.

Power of hug

Power of Hug:

There’s this tremendous power attached to the sensation of touch. It fills a person with an unexpected calm and joy. When your servants come to your house, greet them with a hug as you do to all your friends and relatives. This will make them feel that they deserve your love and attention.

Friendly eid

Pakistani boys greet each other after praying on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

Behave Friendly:

When you invite them to your house, behave friendly with them. Don’t make them feel that they are your servants. Talk to them, share their problems because there is no other way to make someone feel important than to actually talk to them about them. When they will talk to you and share their problems with you, they will feel good and important. Remember everyone deserves kindness.


Everyone Deserves Eidi:

Just like flower without fragrance is unattractive, Eid without Eidi is no fun. Every child deserves Eidi, even those that are less privileged, poor or the children of our servants. Let’s try to make one less child who does not get Eidi. It’s not necessary to give a large amount, a little bit will do. The children will feel loved and will always remember you for your generosity.

Do Eid Cards Still Work?

Eid cards may be old fashioned. But they still hold the magic within them. Ask your kids to make Eid cards for your servants and their children. Doing that will make them feel adored, important and more than just a servant.

Let’s make this Eid a blessing for those who are blessing for us. Surely what they do for us is a blessing.

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