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CPEC: A Good Bet for Pakistan?

CPEC: A Good Bet for Pakistan?

The people of Pakistan have dropped the idea of hope in the government and its developmental projects. However, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the promising prospects, which stirred hopes in the nation.

The project is vital aspect of Chinese government’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, and was officially launched in 2015 at the time of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan as per the report by China Radio International. The multi-billion dollar deal comprises construction of infrastructure, along a route connecting the city of Kashgar in Xinjiang, China to the Southwestern Pakistani port of Gwadar.

Perspective of the People

Many of the people have regarded CPEC as the new East India Company, which marks the era of neo-colonialism in the country. However, others reckon it to be the greatest maritime prospect in South Asia. It is evident that the investment brought in by China will create job opportunities for the people in the country. The claim is also justified by the rapid development of infrastructure in the country. Moreover, the project has also tapped the deep-sea port Gwadar, which will harvest the business for Pakistan. The people are content with the project and have praised the development in their areas.

Security Problem

The project can only be a success if the law and order situation is under control. The recent abduction and killing of two Chinese teachers in Balochistan was bad news for the people. However, the army is involved in protecting the project and the workers. With time there will be more investments in the region and will pave way for employment opportunities. It also improves Pakistan geo-political position in the region as it strengthens Pak-China friendship and CPEC proves to be a lucrative offer for other states in the region.

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