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Hindu officer having iftaar


Meet the Hindu Police Officer Who Fasts Every Ramadan

Meet the Hindu Police Officer Who Fasts Every Ramadan

A senior Police officer from Mumbai, India Sujata Patil has been observing fast consecutively for the last 28 years despite the fact that she is by ethnicity a Hindu.


She is appointed in the Kherwadi police station in Mumbai that has an amazing culture of having Iftar even though none of the policemen or women are Muslims.

Hindu Police Officer Having Iftar


This is all because of an extraordinary woman who had the audacity and courage to rise above religious and ethnic differences and set out an example for everyone to follow.


What’s the reason behind this?

Sujata has a beautiful answer to it.

“Fasting in Ramadan makes me honest, keeps me cool, and helps me resist temptations.” Says Sujata Patil.


While the whole world is busy promoting hate and partaking in schisms, some wonderful citizens of the world are shattering all stereotypes about one of the most common reasons behind differences and feuds, i.e. religion.


“I am observing fast since last twenty-five years. I wake up at 04:00 a.m. for Suhur and fast entire day and then Iftar in the evening. Like any other Muslim, I eagerly await the holy month’s arrival. This has now all become a routine”, she said.


This is indeed one of the most influential and practical implementations of the noble concept of inter-religious harmony we have ever seen. Co-existence is the key to prosperity and Inspector Sujata is a remarkable example of it.


More than 172 million Muslims live in India in quite a majority. India is a Hindu centered country that has a terrible ordeal of religious extremism in it, and the differences only seem to be getting worse. Initiatives like these are a dire need of our society to thrive and flourish by eliminating evils and nuisances like religious extremism.


Sujata herself says that her observance of fasting has helped her earn major respect in the Muslim community that has been really helpful for her to maintain the law and order situation of the locality being an o­fficer of the law.


“Recently there occurred a riot-like situation in my area. Once I reached the spot and told the mob that I was fasting, tempers cooled down and normalcy returned,” Sujata shared a true incident of hers.


All religions promote goodness and peace and “No religions teach us to do bad” says Sujata Patel.


The purpose of religion is to make us humble as humans and it’s ironically sad that we have turned religion into the most basic reason for feuds and bad blood.


In the end, what we’d like to say to the fanatics that exist on this side of the border, it’s ok to wish someone Diwali or Christmas. It’s alright to celebrate Holi or Easter because co-existence is the most fundamental thing for us to blossom as citizens of the world. We should grab by the hand anything that is good and virtuous regardless of the fact if it is taught by a religion other than ours.

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