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Hijabs Took on Centre Stage At New York Fashion Week

Hijabs Took on Centre Stage At New York Fashion Week

It is one of the most diverse fashion week where Models dazzled on the runway with their heads covered in Hijab. Challenging the prejudices associated with Hijabs, five Indonesian designers showcased their luxury collection at New York Fashion Week.

Dian Pelangi, 26, one of the few designers has around 4.8 million followers on Instagram. She wanted to assert that Hijab is beautiful and not a sign of oppression. “We’re not oppressed and we just want to show the world that we still can be beautiful, stylish with our hijab on,” she said.

Among the five, Pelangi and one other ‘Vivi Zubedi, 30’ fell into the category of ‘Modest Fashion’, showcasing designs specifically for modern, religious and observant Muslim woman.

Zubedi was making her fashion week debut and has a special message for the President of the United States as Donald Trump restricted immigration from certain Muslim majority countries. “Mr. president, I love your country and also I love your people, and we will not (do) anything to you or your people. We are all the same, it’s about humanity.”

The NY Fashion week featured guests from across Asia and the Middle East. Pelangi’s collection featured a mix of colorful Indonesian materials, Batik print and tie dye, with women wearing full skirts, wide pants and loose-fitting jackets and rich brocade. She said her inspiration came from the bestselling book ‘Humans of New York’ which documents the diversity of 8.5 million people living in the city.

However, Zubedi’s collection was a more conservative one with her signature abaya – a gown covering from head to toe in different colors. On the back of these gowns were ‘Mekkah, Madinah and Jannah’ sewn with a phrase ‘all colors matter’.

Diversity took on center stage in fashion world after Trump administration ban against immigrants. Models of all colors and sizes took on New York Fashion week as the fashion world embraces fashion from all around the world.


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