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Harvard Annuls 10 Acceptance Letter and sets a cautionary tale for Social Media offense

Harvard Annuls 10 Acceptance Letter and sets a cautionary tale for Social Media offense

It seems that Harvard University will not tolerate any instances, which compromises its standard of education and social environment. According to Harvard Crimson, the university has annulled offers of acceptance to nearly ten freshman students for class of 2021, following their investigation into messages they posted in a private Facebook group.

The group posted memes regarding, dead children and the Holocaust. The group became subject to scrutiny after some students last December initiated an obscene version of another Facebook group, which was meant for funny memes. The students in both the groups came across each other through an official Facebook group, which was run by Harvard for newly admitted students.

The university did not explain the decision to annul the offers as it stated that it does not comment publically on admission of individual applicants. However, the school policy states that Harvard reserves the right to withdraw its offers of acceptance if an admitted student is involved in behavior that questions his or her honesty, maturity or moral character.

The officials in the University learned about the group from students who briefed them about the contents. The officials asked the students in April, asking them to disclose every picture they submitted to the group along with a statement providing a rationale their contributions. The university appears to maintain its standard at all grounds to ensure quality educational environment for its students. However, there has been criticism regarding the decision by some as a cautionary tale as a reminder for students to be careful about what they post on the social media.

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