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ECC Approves Ramzan Relief Package of 1.6 Billion

ECC Approves Ramzan Relief Package of 1.6 Billion

With Ramadan right around the corner, unfortunately, what we generally expect is a high rise in the prices of household and edible commodities just like every year. While the majority of non-Muslim countries bask in the spirit of our holy month by introducing huge sale offers on all items, our authorities would rather load their pockets than helping the common man.


Every year relief plans are committed but their implementation is far less effective as it’s claimed. However, this year seems much promising as the government has announced a Ramadan Relief package of 1.6 Billion.


This Tuesday, The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved this year’s Ramzan Relief Package to subsidize the rates for 19 commodities that are worth more than 1.6 Billion rupees. The approval was recorded in the presence of the Finance minister Ishaq Dar in Islamabad.


The commodities include wheat flour (atta), sugar, ghee, oil, pulses (channa, masoor, moong washed and mash washed), white grams, besan, dates, rice, squashes, black tea, milk, and spices.

Thumbs up to the finance ministry for picking out the most edible commodities to provide maximum relief to the general public.


All of these 19 commodities shall be available at subsidized rates in all outlets of Utility Stores Corporation (USC), all around the country. Additionally, over 2,400 other commodities shall also be available to the general public at discounted rates in all USC outlets. With discounts ranging from 5% to 10%, they aim to do that by obtaining special discounts from vendors or suppliers and reducing their own profit margins.

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