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JPEGs just got 35% lighter thanks to Google

open source JPEG

Being a social media marketer myself, the one thing I hate more than Monday is a slow Wi-Fi.  Uploading a hundred HD images in a day isn’t the frustrating part, what’s frustrating is the time it takes to upload on the internet. There are times when I literally put images on upload, go out for a cup of coffee, and come back just to stare at the blue uploading icon to be filled.

In both our student and professional life there is one thing that has been our holy grail for suggestions and solutions; Google.

open source JPEG

After the launch of their successful WebP format back in 2014, which could shrink photos by 10 percent, they are determined to make our lives easier with Guetzli, an open-source algorithm that suppresses the size of a JPEG image up to 35%.

It compresses the image size by compromising on the visual quality a little and takes tad more time than other competitors like libjpeg but Google authorities claim that test consumer rating for Guetzli’s image quality is higher than all.

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