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Unleash the Picasso within You with Google’s AutoDraw

Google’s AutoDraw

  Google’s AutoDraw  


Ain’t that the truth?

Every one used to be an artist in their own weird way as a kid, not a special one maybe but there is art inside all of us. Even I used to paint around my handprints in different colors all along my bedroom walls and got scolded obviously… You don’t get to mess with your mom’s organized den.

As we grow up, some of us nourish that artistic zeal inside of us while others let it slide away as we move on with the never ending voyage called “adulthood”.

Here’s a good news. If you are one of those people who love to draw their art but suck at it technically, Google is here to rescue you with its new technological advancement called AutoDraw, an automated drawing bot that can transform your ham-handed doodle design into a masterpiece.

Google’s AutoDraw

It’s no miracle, it’s simply a smart app which analyzes your rookie doodle design in real time and gives suggestions to replace with better designs from talented artists all around the internet. You can also call it an advanced avatar of Android Wear which has the ability to identify a rough smiley face and change it with an emoji.

Google’s AutoDraw

You know what they say “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”…

Well the best part about AutoDraw is that it’s absolutely free on app store and iTunes and compatible with any mobile, tablet, or computer. So the next time you feel the urge of letting your hidden art out and draw a vaguely drawn doodle, this app can offer you tons of brilliant and relevant designs to choose from and create your own showpiece.

Google is affirmative about their application’s banging features that offer tons and tons of unique drawings and they plan to add more.

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