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Germany Says Europe can No Longer Rely on US Under President Trump

Germany Says Europe can No Longer Rely on US Under President Trump

The world as we know it is in the midst of grave dangers and world leaders are pondering over ways to mutually battle terrorism and the impact of climate change. The west has been established for long as the symbol of progress and watchman of peace across the world. However, the last couple of years have proved to be troublesome as terrorism has plagued western walls and the eastern domes at a rapid pace. It appears that things have transitioned for the worse as Germany has suggested Europe can no longer rely on US in time to come.

Climate change vs Terrorism

The mounting pressure on the world leaders is apparent as they try to devise a global policy that protects the human civilization from another great war and from fury of Mother Nature. This Sunday, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel warned that the traditional Western alliance is threatened by President’s Trump presidency and Brexit and that times where Germany could completely count on others are over to some extent.

The statement followed after US President Donald Trump stated that he required more time to decide if US would continue to support Paris agreement regarding climate change, which has been a source of frustration for diplomats. Moreover, German Foreign Minister Gabriel said that President Trump’s administration is against the interests of European Union. He added that anyone one who accentuates climate change by weakening environmental protection and sells more arms and ammunition in war zones and does not wish to settle religious conflicts politically is endangering Europe.

However, President Trump was quick to respond as he earlier tweeted that his country has a massive trade deficit with Germany and that it pays far less than they should on NATO and military. He added that this is bad and will change. Germany along with other European nations were left unimpressed with Trump at the G7 and NATO summits last week. President Trump refused to approve NATO’s collective defense principles and the Paris climate agreement.

Trump in Saudi Arabia

President’s Trump visit to Saudi Arabia marked a $110 arms deal, which is expected to surge in time to come to over $300 billion. The visit promises economic measure between the two nations and ensures effective efforts against terrorism. The Middle East is already wrapped in wave of terrorism, which has left Syria in a state of havoc that has left millions of dead and a lot more at the mercy of God.

The world is transitioning into a bi-polar state as Moscow continues to increase its influence in Middle East and South Asia. Meanwhile, China continues to form an economic coalition with Asian and European countries as it develops economic corridors for financial stability for its Allies. The international arena is in a wake of transition as powers across the world strive towards enhancing their influence by establishing relations with other states.

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