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5 Surprising Ways Fasting in Ramadan Makes You Healthy

5 Surprising Ways Fasting in Ramadan Makes You Healthy

Ramadan Kareem is the 9th month of Islamic calendar and the most significant one. One month that ignites a sense of unity as all Muslims in the world fast from dawn till dusk. Fasting in Islam doesn’t only mean refraining yourself from eating or drinking anything, but controlling yourself from sinful activities of all kinds, and spending most of the time in offering prayers and doing good deeds.


The beauty about Islam is that it’s spiritual and logical at its best. All the guidelines given by Islam are somewhat logical and hold a specific benefit or reasoning behind it.

islamic way to drink water

For example, according to Sunnah, we should drink water while sitting down instead of standing up. You may think it holds no scientific reasoning behind it, but it does. If you drink water standing up, the water reaches less than the half of your body. On the other hand, if you drink water sitting down, it reaches every part of your body which is greatly beneficial for our health.


Fasting is the perfect restart for all Muslims. Personally, I feel my body, mind, and soul has been rejuvenated after each passing month of Ramadan Kareem. Other than the spiritual benefits of fasting, it has so many science-backed health benefits too.


In the spirit of this year’s Ramadan, let’s have a look at 5 surprising health benefits of Fasting in Ramadan that you probably didn’t know about.


Fasting weight loss

Fasting aids in weight loss

Well if you have been longing to lose some extra pounds the whole year, Ramzan might just be the perfect time for you to kick-start your fitness regimen.

Research shows that fasting enables our bodies to burn body fat for energy instead of sugar, thus significantly aiding to weight loss.


Fasting boosts the metabolism

Fasting boosts the metabolism

A healthy and efficient digestive system is the key to a healthy metabolism function. If you have a poor digestive system, it affects the body’s ability to metabolize fat food and burn fat. Fasting helps naturally repair our digestive system, improve bowel functions, and in turn boosts the metabolic process.


Fasting improves insulin sensitivity

Fasting improves insulin sensitivity

Excessive intake of carbs and sugar causes our bodies to become insulin resistant, paving the way to a number of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. Fasting has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity, enabling the body to tolerate carbs and sugar better.


Fasting enhances your brain function

Fasting is proven to improve brain functions by promoting the production of a brain protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.) This protein causes the brain stem cells to convert into neurons and other chemicals that promote mental well being. BDNF may also help protect brain cells against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Fasting promotes a healthy skin

Fasting helps our body take a break from the digestion process, enabling the body to focus its regenerative capabilities on other systems like detoxing the skin. Fasting helps flush out the toxins from our bodies and improve many regular bodily functions.

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