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Mark Zuckerberg hires 3000 more people to control content abuse on Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg hires 3000 more people to control content abuse on Facebook:

Facebook already has more than 4,500 people working kin their community operations team and they are adding 3,000 more to the mix to help prevent hate speech, child abuse and self-harm on being broadcasted on the platform.


Technology comes with both merit and demerits. Innovations are like blessings that make our lives easier but their abuse can turn them into a curse.

Let’s take social media for an example. It was invented for the purpose of making social interactions easy and convenient and human connections strong. You can literally stay connected with a friend or a relative that is thousand miles away from your home thanks to social media platforms like Facebook.


Not so long ago Facebook introduced a new live feature on their platform which enables the users to make a live clip 24/7 of any activity which is visible to the public and sends out a notification to the whole friends list of the person who is streaming the video live.


This feature is being exploited by a number of users in a violent way involving a series of murder cases, suicide attempts, and other homicidal actions being broadcasted live on the social network. Less than a month ago in April, a man was cold bloodedly murdered in a video streamed live on Facebook, followed by another incident where a Thai man killed his baby daughter and then himself in a live stream.


Mark Zuckerberg quotes that it’s “heartbreaking” to see users “hurting themselves and others” and using technology to do it.


Suh videos are nothing but the inhuman actions of a sick mind that needed help and didn’t get it but the impact it leaves on the rest of the users is the real damage. Facebook aims to make reporting of problematic videos easier and make content control on the platform more efficient and profound and add more tools and methods to manage the humongous number of user complaints any objectionable content on the platform enabling the moderators to contact law enforcement to step up, rather than contacting members directly if they were at risk.


“We’re going to make it simpler to report problems to us, faster for our reviewers to determine which posts violate our standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help,”. Mark Zuckerberg says.

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