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Emerging Pakistan Branding on London’s Double-Decker Buses

Emerging Pakistan Branding on London’s Double-Decker Buses

What a beautiful sight is to see the diverse images of Pakistani people and its beautiful landscapes on the roads of London. Yes, you read that right.

London will witness the new face of Pakistan with the branding on its iconic double-decker buses. The buses will carry the images of “Emerging Pakistan”, showcasing the diversity and beauty of the country for four weeks on the roads of Central London.

Pakistan’s High Commission, London launched the campaign to honor the 70th independence of the country in August. In a time where the media is portraying the negative images of the country, this effort is very much applaudable.

You can see the video below:


“Emerging Pakistan” Branding on London’s iconic Double-Decker …

“Emerging Pakistan” Branding on London’s iconic Double-Decker Buses

Posted by Pakistan High Commission, London UK on Wednesday, June 28, 2017


With our 70th independence approaching, we need the world to tell that Pakistan is much more than suicide bombing and honor killing. These buses carrying the images of Pakistan’s diverse culture, its rich history and architecture and beautiful landscapes are sure to grab the attention of many.

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