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What Prompted Ed Sheeran To Delete His Twitter Account?

What Prompted Ed Sheeran To Delete His Twitter Account?

It may come as surprising and rather dismaying to the fans of Ed Sheeran as he deleted his Twitter account. But what made Ed Sheeran quit Twitter just after a day of his famous cameo on Game of Thrones Season 7?

Well, surprisingly it has to do with GoT only. As Twitter calls it a day for Ed Sheeran debut in the first episode of GoT Season 7, he wasn’t pleased with all the reactions he got for GoT.

While some of his fans are rejoicing his cameo, there were many other mocking his debut and using Twitter to post negative comments.

While the singer hasn’t given any explanation to part ways with Twitter, it seems apparent that his relation with Twitter has once again came to haunt him – finally prompting him to call it quits.

His frustration with Twitter is not something new. He announced to no longer be posting on Twitter earlier this month following some negative comments to his Glastonbury Festival headline performance. Twitter hasn’t proved to be of much value for Ed Sheeran who is happy to be posting on his Instagram.

However, there is some great news for Ed Sheeran’s fans. He recently announced that he will be making another cameo in cartoon form, in none other than ‘The Simpsons’.

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