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Yay or Nay Dove Launches Real Beauty Bottles

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Yay or Nay Dove Launches Real Beauty Bottles

Yay or Nay Dove Launches Real Beauty Bottles

Dove has always championed the cause for inspiring beauty in women. This one brand has come a long way in instilling the confidence in women ‘to be themselves’. And again, Dove comes up with a smart packaging to convey their message of ‘Real Beauty’ with its newly designed bottles. Designed by Ogilvy London, the Dove Real Beauty Deeply Nourishing Limited Edition Body Wash bottles come in different shapes and sizes. With its newly introduced curvy range, we take a look on how good of a campaign this is.

The Positives

First, take a look at the campaign:

First of all, thumbs up to Dove for introducing different sizes and shapes. There is no denying the fact that real beauty is a subjective term and every women’s version of beauty is different, as told by Dove in a statement. After all, it’s the thought that counts. By introducing this limited-edition range, Dove has really taken a forefront in representing women. Think of it. After all, the brands we use has become a part of our identity and we would want to see a brand assert more of what we are than represent what is popular.

Moreover, the product design wins the score for dove as it brings out the brands message in a best possible way. It slams body-shaming in the face and shows that the ideal body is the one that one is comfortable with and real beauty is all about accepting ourselves.

The Negatives

As much as we loved the campaign, it also raises some questions: Real beauty can come in different shapes and sizes but what about the color? Have you noticed that all the bottles are of same color: White? The supremacy of white is again a problematic theme. Maybe Dove has overlooked this when it designed its real beauty bottles but it strikes a strong chord on racism front: Real beauty may vary in shape and size but not the skin color. If we take a look at the brand’s previous campaigns, there we see women of different skin color. So, this would have been a more impactful if we could see same bottles in different color.

Dove Real Beauty Bottles in White, Brown and Black

Another thing that is confusing about the campaign is, there is no mention of price and quantity on the bottles. Are all the bottles priced equally? Is the amount of the liquid inside each bottle same as there is no mention of volume on the limited edition real beauty bottles? If they are same, then there is no issue. But if these are different, then again, the problem of valuing the real beauty because it all trickles down to the customer experience in the end. Customers would want value for their money rather than going for some fancy packaging and in that case, this campaign would rather backfire.

The idea to celebrate many shapes and sizes of beauty is indeed a welcoming one but not properly executed. It just takes one consideration in terms of real beauty that is according to body type and size but racism and consumer experience is what matters a lot in the world today and can’t be ignored. So yes, Dove Real beauty bottles scores low on our scale. What do you think of this campaign? Tell us is it a Yay or Nay for you in the comments section below.

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