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World’s First Ever Free Condom Store Opens in India

World’s First Ever Free Condom Store Opens in India

It’s not just the first free condom store in India; it’s first ever in the world too.

The noble initiative is the result of a parliamentarian bill that was passed for HIV and AIDS prevention & control and protection to the victims on April 11 with the support of Indian Health Minister Mr. J P Nadda.

“The government will provide free treatment to the people infected with HIV. The ministry will soon come out with a new test and treat policy for the people living with HIV for providing free treatment to them.”, Mr. Nadda said.

The bill was advocated by Terri Ford, Chief of global advocacy and policy at AHF and was on the table for strong 15 years until now that it finally passed.

”Imagine, one bill was on the table for 15 years,” Ford said. “We feel very frustrated. We work with governments all over the world but there’s nothing like Indian bureaucracy.”

”Slow bureaucracy is actually killing people. So many people are dying because of lack of timely testing and treatment.” she added.

India is at the verge of the 3rd largest HIV & AIDS pandemic where as much as 2.1 Million people are affected by it.

Few days later than the bill resolution AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) initiated the first ever free condom store in the world that goes by the name of ‘love condoms’. It is a great move considering the fact that condoms are the easiest and most effective way to prevent HIV & AIDS.

Love condoms are free, best in quality, and easiest to get since you can get them delivered at your doorstep in case you are too self conscious to go to the pharmacy by yourself. All you have to do is drop an email, or call at toll the free number 1800 102 8102.

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