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Dawn Leaks Scandal Unveiled – 3 People Found Guilty

Dawn Leaks Scandal Unveiled – 3 People Found Guilty

A report published in the English Daily Dawn back in Oct 2016 has been a hot topic of an ongoing controversy that recently took a definitive turn.

Scandalous report published by the journalist Cyril Almeida disclosed a high-level security meeting on national defense between military and the government where the government urged the military forces to stop backing jihadist proxy fighters abroad due to the increasing level of diplomatic isolation.

The report quoted “Act against militants or face international isolation, civilians tell military”. Reportedly the meeting included some important most figures like ISI director general, PM Nawaz Sharif, and C.M Punjab, Sahbaz Sharif where difference of opinion was exchanged along with a few heated words.

Pakistan military disregarded the news scandal as “fabricated and planted” and a breach of trust on national security; demanded to identify the loose end, and hold accountability. Pakistani government officials disowned the scandal too.

PM Nawaz asked Pervaiz Rashid to step down from the ministry after he was accused of being the news source of the journalist. A commission led by Justice (r) Amir Raza was established to investigate the Newsgate controversy and final inquiry report of the scandal was submitted today. The 3 people found guilty for the information leak are Tariq Fatemi, Pervaiz Rashid and Rao Tehseen.

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