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#EdhiLivesOn through Coca-Cola’s new Ramadan Fundraising campaign

#EdhiLivesOn through Coca-Cola’s new Ramadan Fundraising campaign

Edhi is much more than just a name. It’s the name of a passion, an ideology, a mission, a noble thought, and a humble gesture for humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi maybe gone, but his legacy shall live on forever in the form of a better world for us humans that he helped create and foster.


It’s the first year without the founder and leader of The Edhi Foundation; Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away. Now is the time when the biggest humanitarian and social welfare organization of Pakistan needs all the help and support they need. It’s so joyous to see that Coca-Cola has joined hands with The Edhi Foundation to expand their Ramadan fundraising campaign to a larger scale. Finally, something that lives up to the real spirit of “giving” in the holy month of Ramadan, unlike PR oriented marketing campaigns that focus on the numbers and profits.



A new innovative fundraising campaign has been announced by Coca-Cola in a ceremony held yesterday in which Faisal Edhi, the son of late Abdul Sattar Edhi and the present head of the Coke Foundation participated and launched the campaign with great enthusiasm.




The main feature of this campaign is that Coke will double all the donations received during the campaign, up to a cap of Rs. 25 million. #Bottleofchange is an inventive new part of the campaign which will be using empty coke bottles for donations. Pakistanis can collect donations in all empty coca-cola bottles and can submit them to 300+ Edhi Centers and 70,000+ collection points all around the country.




Coca-Cola has been helping The Edhi Foundation in the past financially in the form of ambulances and cash donations. This year they have decided to take it up a notch by designing a special campaign in the spirit of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi and holy Ramadan.

“We believe it is the social responsibility of all responsible companies to use their resources and expertise to meaningfully support reputable non-profit organizations like the Edhi Foundation in their social welfare outreach. Our donations will match to a limit of Rs. 25 million while spending a handsome amount on innovative awareness campaign throughout the country,” Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan.


Easy Paisa has also joined hands with Coca-Cola and The Edhi Foundation.

You can also make the donations in 17,000 easy paisa outlets all across the Pakistan without any charges.

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