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Chester Bennington’s Untimely Death Raises Some Serious Concerns

Chester Bennington’s Untimely Death Raises Some Serious Concerns

As the music world mourns the death of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of famous rock band Linkin Park, his suicide has raised some serious concerns regarding the state of mental health, his family life and his haunted past.

Chester died on what would have been the 53rd birthday of his close friend Chris Cornell, another Rock band singer who took his own life. The untimely death of these two singers put us back to the disturbing history of rock industry and the issues of mental health prevalent among the singers.

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Your Circle Can Affect You

Chester message tweet

Chester’s death on his friend’s birthday is not a mere coincidence. It is evident from the fact that people who are hurting and hopeless often have more triggered emotions on the anniversaries and birthdays. Chester couldn’t recover from the death of his friend Chris. His following message on Chris death is evident of the fact that your circle can affect you. Your circle defines your support system and if you have a weak support system, then the end can be tragic as happened in Chester’s case.

A Disturbed Past

A Disturbed Past

The pain in Chester’s voice and his songs doesn’t come by easily. In fact, it is a reflection of a long history of his troubled childhood and teenage years that came to haunt him for the rest of his life. As much as he took his refuge in music, he couldn’t overcome the past horrors that ultimately lead to his death.

He was sexually abused and bullied by a friend for years. On talking about his past, he told: ‘If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder.”

Of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Like many others, Chester failed to escape his own thoughts and opted for drugs and alcohol. He admitted to became full blown raging alcoholic to escape suicidal thoughts. It took him years to come of this but he eventually recovered.

Suicidal Thoughts Must be Addressed

Suicidal Thoughts Must be Addressed

Depression is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. Chester in his career has admitted of having suicidal thoughts at different times and in the end, it ultimately became the cause of his death. While people around us don’t take suicidal thoughts seriously, it is important to get counselling if one ever comes across these thoughts. If left unaddressed, suicidal thoughts can make one take their own life without little regret.

It is not the first time that a famous celebrity took his own life. In recent times, the number of celebrities taking their own life has been increasing which highlight the fact that Not All That Glitters is Gold. What message are the fans getting from these suicides who idealize these superstars in their daily lives. Chester was a hope for many who have battled with the same issues in their daily lives but his tragic end might make them lose their faith in life.

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