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Chain Aye Na


Chain Aye Na’s new trailer is everything that’s wrong with Pakistani film industry

Chain Aye Na’s new trailer is everything that’s wrong with Pakistani film industry

Just when you thought the Pakistani film industry has run it’s harsh course of evolution and blooming more than ever before, directors like Syed Noor jump in and remind us of how rogue Pakistani movies can be.


It was so naive of us to think that the lame old-fashioned ways of movie making in Pakistan film industry have faded away with time and here’s the trailer of Syed Noor’s upcoming movie “Chain Aye Na” that is here to pop us out of our dream bubble.


Caution: Make sure you don’t have any sharp objects lying around while you watch the trailer. 5 out 10 people tried poking their eyes out after watching this, and the rest tried to commit suicide.

Well if you’re still alive after watching this, seven salutations to your bravery.

It takes guts to make it out alive from the worst form of audiovisual torture in the name of a movie.


Let’s share some insights about the trailer.


Way too much Lambayi

Chain Aye Na

4 minutes and 36 seconds long trailer. Are you fuckin’ kidding us bruh?

By the length of this trailer, it seems pretty safe to say that the movie is going to be 4 hours long.

Good luck surviving that ?


Shahroze and the old cougar

Chain Aye Na

Off screen, the guy is married to one of the prettiest and cutest ladies of Pakistani industry and on screen, he has to settle for a romantic role with a woman that looks twice his age and is the very definition of “Off”. ?

While Syra Yusuf is dazzling the screens with blockbuster movies like Yalghaar and Project Ghazi, Shahroze seems to be struggling with his career and this movie might be his biggest blunder.


Adil Murad- The sasta bad-ass

Chain Aye Na

The not so talented offspring of one of the most talented and good looking actors of all times seems to be playing the role of a rich spoiled brat who’s a jealous lover and would do anything to get the woman he desires.

Someone get this guy a vape. He doesn’t deserve a cigar.


The sad demise of romance 

Chain Aye Na

Dirty or nice, romance is a key element that brings sensuality in a movie.

The good news is that this movie has multiple romantic scenes between the actors but sadly they are going to make you lose your faith in romance.

Trailer’s got some pretty confusing romantic scenes though. The movie shows a love triangle with a number of sensuous scenes involving the actors in swapping roles.


Not sure if it looks like a Pakistani movie or a desi adult movie with C grade actors.


Not so long ago the infamous Syed Noor made a strong criticizing remark about the uprising Pakistani film industry by calling the movies “extremely disappointing”, and here he is all set to give us eye cancer with his audio-visual trauma in the name of a movie that seems ike the very epitome of “disappointment”.


He’s probably getting back to the public for having him out of work in the industry.

Chain Aye Na seems like his final revenge and it’s brutal.

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