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How about Cuddling Cats for a Career?

How about Cuddling Cats for a Career?

If you’re a cat person, cuddling with cats is the best thing you could do for the rest of your life.

Imagine if you were to get paid for petting cats, and make a career out of it?

Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t.


If you love cats more than you love chocolates, if your heart beats meow with every breath you take, if you are someone who would be willing to get late for work just so you could help a helpless cat on the street; Just Cats Vet Clinic in Dublin is offering you the job of your dream.




Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Dublin is looking for a full-time professional “cat cuddler” who has “gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time.”


As interesting as the job itself is, it’s online job description is even more interesting.


“Are you a crazy cat person and loves cats?


Does cattitude come naturally to you?

Have you counted kittens before you go asleep?

Do you feed the stray cats in your locality?

Does petting cats make you feel warm and fuzzy?


If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, how about working with cats as a full-time job at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic?”


Well, these are all the qualifications and skills you need to get the job of your life. And qualifications recognized by the Veterinary Council of Ireland would be a must to apply, needless to say.




How many of you have heard about “panda nannies”?

Here’s what is required to become a Panda nanny in China and the benefits that come along with the job according to China Daily.

An individual who wishes to work as a full-time professional Panda Nanny should be 22 years or older, have basic writing and photography skills, and elementary knowledge about Pandas.

Perks include $32,000 per annum, daily meals, board, and SUV for personal use.


Wish we could do the same with all animals and may there be more jobs that can make us better humans by taking care of animals.

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