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Careem’s Rishta Aunty Gets Trolled by different Brands

Careem’s Rishta Aunty Gets Trolled by different Brands

You gotta feel for Careem who is doing great social service by trying to get everyone hitched. In return, the poor Rishta Aunty gets trolled by not just people but different brands.

As the Rishta Aunty becomes viral on Social Media, different brands came up with interesting slogans to target Careem for losing its mind.

Careem’s competitor Uber welcomed the opportunity to take a dig at Careem with the following post.


Another great response is by JoyCab, another ride-hailing service. It not only trolls the Careem Rishta service but also took the opportunity to highlight the issue of peak factor and high rates – the issue that many Careem users often complain about.


Travly, a ride hailing service from Lahore, trolled Careem for losing its focus with a caption ‘Suna hai logon nay Rishtay kerwana bhi Shuru kerdia hai’ on following pic.


Couch Potato, an Islamabad based company for delivery service, also mocked Careem for being too busy with finding the suitable proposal.

Couch Potato

The Rishta Aunty has a reputation of being too inquisitive and talkative and Awesamosas, a fast food restaurant in Lahore, knows this very well. They have come up with the following message to take Rishta Aunty along to the restaurant for finding the perfect food and rishta.


Interestingly, Lifeware wants to take the dream of ‘Forever alone’ to the next level by taking the opportunity to introduce its bridal package. After all, Rishta Aunty can only help you find a Rishta, but you definitely need furniture.


While the brands are busy in trolling Rishta Aunty, Careem is least concerned with what others have to say.

Having said that, Careem’s marketing team must be having a day to bring Careem to the forefront and have people talking about it. After all, the Rishta Aunty is too good to be ignored.

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