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Careem’s Failed Attempt at Matchmaking with the Rishta Aunty

Careem’s Failed Attempt at Matchmaking with the Rishta Aunty

When you think the situation of the country, in the midst of all the corruption and panama case is too bleak, Careem takes it upon itself to provide some entertainment for the simple folks who are running around during the day in hired transport.


The day started with female customers of careem getting a weird text message which said: “your rishta has arrived”. It piqued curiosity amongst all who read it and eventually the text receivers also viewed similar posts by Careem on the social media.


The scope, common sense, reasoning, marketing strategy combined together fail to explain what the careem marketing team was thinking about before sending this nonsensical message to a target market where marriage is the ultimate aim for a certain percentage of the population. We as a society take this as a serious matter which requires matching of castes and creeds (the prejudice related to which is questionable at the best of times) and approval of elders, one thousand references and what not.  It is not even appropriate for societies which are very open and acceptable for marriages. It may work for blind dates maybe but not to find a suitable rishta with an unknown rishta aunty (as claimed by careem).

Careem needs to up their game and cut allowances for the sasta nasha that they have given to their marketing team.

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