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From a School Teacher to the First Lady – Brigitte Macron is the definition of Women Goals

From a School Teacher to the First Lady – Brigitte Macron is the definition of Women Goals

 Ever heard of the saying “Behind every successful there is a woman”?


Honestly I believe that this unrealistic quotation is a sad naïve thought of a senseless feminist who is in bad need of reassurance to lift her confidence up.

At least I used to think that way.

However, some things hit you hard and bring you back to your senses.


French first lady

For me an eye opener is the woman of substance Ms. Brigitte Macron.  She has actually made a meninist like me believe that “behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not just any woman, but the right woman.
The right woman with the right support can help a man become the man he’s actually supposed to be by bringing out the best in him. And the definition of the right woman isn’t limited to your lover or wife. It can be anyone. Your mother, your sister, your cousin, your friend, your teacher, literally anyone.


Some men are lucky enough to find such a woman and turn her into a life partner.

I literally envy Emmanuel Macron for his good luck and brilliant selection in choosing Brigitte as his better half despite so many factors that are somewhat indigestible for our society.


Emmanuel Macron's wife


Emmanuel Macron; the voice of Russia is merely 39 years old while his first lady is 64. Emmanuel met her at the age of 15, while he was still a school boy and Brigitte was 40 year old married teacher helping him out with his school play.


Brigitte came from a background of wealthy chocolate makers of Amiens who got married to a banker and had 3 children while she was teaching French and Drama to Macron at Providence Jesuit college back in 1993. Well the law of attraction ran its course and they gradually they fell for each other badly.


“Little by little, I came totally under the spell of the intelligence of this young boy,” Brigitte quotes.


As people started gossiping, it was time for Emmanuel to leave Amiens for his last year of high school in Paris.


“You cannot get rid of me. I will come back and I will marry you,” Macron said these words to Brigitte before leaving according to his biographers.


Briggit Trogneux

The best part about this beautiful couple is that despite of the age barriers, the societal stereotypes, the domestic pressure from families, they still chose to hold on and supported each other through thick and thins.


Brigitte quit her teaching profession to focus on the one student that needed his help the most; her husband Emmanuel Macron as he was appointed as the economy minister Socialist President Francois Hollande’s government back in August 2014, despite of the fact that she kept her presence discreet during the events.


“She spends a lot of time here because her view matters to me, because she brings a different atmosphere, that is important. My life is here, you cannot work well if you are not happy,” Macron said before he resigned from the ministry.
French elections 2017

You may know someone’s name, but you don’t know their story, the real person behind their success which according to Emmanuel is his lovely wife Brigitte who stood by him throughout his struggle and offered unconditional support with his political career as a mentor and with his personal life as a lover, wife, friend, and everything.


He warmheartedly called his beautiful wife Brigitte on the stage as he burst into emotions right before his speech as he won the election and became the youngest president in the history of France.

“Brigitte, always present, and even more now, without whom I would not be me,” Emmanuel at his winning speech.

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