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Black Friday vs. Blessed Friday: Does the name make any difference?

Black Friday vs. Blessed Friday: Does the name make any difference?

Black Friday is being celebrated in United States on the last Friday of November, just a day after thanksgiving. The concept was brought up in 1952, as it marked the start of the shopping season before Christmas. Almost all of the brands bring up promotional discounts in regard of the sale time. The concept of black Friday, or let’s call it blessed Friday, became a hype since past two to three years in Pakistan. It all started when the concept of e-commerce especially emerged in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been following the trends from the west since long, whether it is black Friday or valentines. The sales, promotions and discount are nothing new for Pakistanis. The brands come up with some sort of promotions on and off. But the concept of black Friday in Pakistan, rather say the word “black” has received enough criticism. Although the promotions have received a lot of success because the word black has been replaced with white or blessed.

In Muslim communities, Friday is the most blessed day and describing it with the colour black is considered bad. For Muslims, the colour black indicates bad luck where as in the west, it is considered a day of profit. To omit the word black, people has come up with some alternates such as white or blessed. Some have come up with white because white is considered pure and Friday is the most significant day. And blessed is the word replaced in place of black to show that Friday is blessed.

The Pakistanis are crazy for black or blessed Friday, whatever you call it, because of the huge discounts they can avail. Some e-commerce businesses such as,,, Alkaram studio, The Vault, VEON and are offering BLACK Friday sales. Whereas brands such as Telemart, Surmawala, Zubaida’s store, Baby planet, OLX, Hang ten, Chenone, Cross stitch, Pizza Max and Burger Lab have replaced black with blessed to reduce the criticism.

A lot of people are yet criticizing the sales as black Friday has no concept in our nation. The day is celebrated immediately after thanksgiving which is also not celebrated in Muslim’s ideology. has also changed its slogan from “Black Friday” to “Big Friday”. Friday will always be Friday, either blessed or black – it’s just a prefix used as a marketing technique to attract customers. Let’s just think it this way “BLESSED IS THE NEW BLACK” and keep shopping and dropping.

Manahyl is an entrepreneur running her online business and private tuition centre for O & A levels students. Manahyl holds an MBA from Bahria University and is a graduate in Marketing. During school and University, she has been an active part of many debating groups and other curricular activities. Manahyl is an ambitious girl with high goals in life and a vision to take her online business to new height.

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