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Barcelona vs. Juventus: Can Barca Make Another Great Comeback?

Barcelona vs. Juventus

It was a nightmare for Luis Enrique and his side on Tuesday. One Argentinian man dominated the field and it was not Lionel Messi but his compatriot, Paulo Dybala.  Dybala’s 2 goals saw Juventus beat the Spanish giants 3-0 in Turin in the first leg of Champions League Quarter final.

Barcelona vs. Juventus

Juventus proved to be fatal in both his attack and defense. With Chiellini adding one more in the second half, Messi and his team mates failed to net a single goal.

Barcelona vs. Juventus

After a miraculous win against Paris Saint German, no one has imagined such a thrashing for Barcelona. As the final whistle was blown, speculations have started to make rounds for another heroic comeback for Barcelona. But is it that easy considering a strong defense backed by Gianluigi Buffon?

Barcelona vs. Juventus

This would be a tough test and a mission truly impossible to succeed. A 4-0 win seems unlikely against the second-best defense. Juventus have been unbeaten in their past 18 games in Turin, which raises concerns for Luis Enrique.

Lamenting on Barcelona’s defeat, Enrique commented it was a nightmare. “We basically gifted two goals to Juventus in the opening half. As coach, for me it’s inexplicable how they were so much better than us.

“It’s like a nightmare. We’ve had very little luck of late, and now I can only hope that from tomorrow we get back on our feet.”

Barcelona vs. Juventus

After a 4-0 loss against PSG, Barcelona managed to come back strong and proved why it is still the best club in the world. However, things have quite changed lately.

With a 2-0 loss to Malaga over the weekend and now 3-0 loss to Juventus, Barcelona’s poor form is evident more than ever. The loopholes in defense and the gaps in midfield cannot guarantee MSN to perform at their best.

Now a tough test awaits Barcelona and only one thing can save the club hopes for another Champions League title: A miracle. Seems like miracles do happen considering Barcelona’s historic comeback against PSG. Well for now, we can only wait and hope that the best team wins.

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