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Hair the Pride of a Woman

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‘Hair the Pride of a Woman’ is Getting attention for all the Right Reasons

‘Hair the Pride of a Woman’ is Getting attention for all the Right Reasons

The latest video ad where a woman goes to a salon for getting her hair chopped is getting attention for all the right reasons.

The video begins when a woman with long and beautiful hair visits a beauty salon and asks the hair dresser to chop off her hair. The hair dresser compliments her long and beautiful hair and trims down the length a bit. The woman asks for a shorter length and the scenario repeats as the woman was left with a bob cut. You might not be able to understand the crux of the ad at first until you came across the last part. The woman holding her hair with a hand and teary-eyes says: Make it even shorter, so that no one can hold it like this again.” This is followed by stronger message that: Hair, the pride of a woman: Let it never be the reason for her weakness.

Watch the video here:

The campaign is beautifully executed and is successful for the reason that it keeps the audience captivated. The story and the message is powerful and highlights one major aspect of domestic violence where women hair is not source of her beauty and empowerment but used against her.

The ad is produced by a Bangladeshi hair oil company and getting praise for speaking up against violence. While some see it contrary of women not speaking up against violence, the campaign is indeed successful in creating a stir among the common people against this major issue of domestic violence.

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