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The Other Side of the Story behind Ary Zindagi Show Incident

The Other Side of the Story behind Ary Zindagi Show Incident

Around 2 months ago, an incident took place during an ongoing TV show called “Eidi Sab K Liye” hosted by ARY in collaboration with Bahria Town. 28th of April; the unfortunate date when a beautiful evening took a bad turn and the ongoing show turned out to be a disaster. The stage broke down with a huge number of people sitting on it and resulted in more than 100 injuries, some so severe that lives were lost.


It’s a grievously tragic incident and we can’t even begin to fathom what the affected ones and their families must be going through. However, the reason that I am writing this article is to unveil some real facts about the day of the incident that have been twisted and manipulated by the media. I was just trying to do my research on the subject and all I found is a trail of propaganda and biased reporting of the incident.


Some of the main issues that are being highlighted and criticized in every report of the incident are as follows, along with counter facts that actually make sense.


P.S. The facts and insights shared in this article are from a video in which Sabir Shakir clarified the incident with live testimonials from people who got affected.



The stage wasn’t made properly that’s why it broke down.

Explanation: Wrong. You could make stages out of Titanium but they still would have an average weight bearing capacity.  The main reason stage broke is that people were pushing themselves towards the stage, regardless of the management urging them not to.


Instead of applying safety measures immediately, the management turned off the lights and the whole place went dark.

Explanation: As soon as the stage broke, it deemed necessary by the management to turn off electricity and avoid the risk of short circuit. The stage consists of so many high tension wires that even a slight spark of electricity could literally set the place and the people around on fire.


Instead of taking responsibility, the management ran away.

Explanation: As soon as chaos broke in the arena, things got out of hands of the management as the attendees started looting all the stuff and beating the management of ARY. They fled just to protect themselves. The most basic human survival instinct.


There has been no cooperation or communication between ARY management and the affected families.

Explanation: Now that’s absurd. There has been prompt communication between the management and the affected families. Top management personally took the initiative and compensated the affected families with best interests at their hearts. You can watch the video embedded above for testimonials from the people affected, and their families.


This is a completely unbiased conclusion and we are not taking any sides here. Our hearts go out to the people who were affected by this incident but we simply can’t stand letting others take advantage of an unfortunate matter, and use it for some hype and ratings.

Saad is an active member of Hatobacho family and has expertise in creative content, thinking out of the box and making various strategies for upcoming themes. He also works in and advertising agency as a social media executive.

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