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Are You Suffering from Winter Depression? Know the Signs

Are You Suffering from Winter Depression? Know the Signs

As soon as the winter arrives, some people experience a sudden change in mood and energy. One may call it winter blues, but the seasonal affect is far more serious than one may think of. If the cold weather triggers depressive symptoms in you, then you may be suffering from winter depression. A seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter blues affect people every year during this time of the year.

To determine whether you are suffering from winter depression or not, we bring you a checklist to evaluate your low mood and energy.


  • Lack of energy – If you fell lazy to get out of bed early in the morning, than beware! You are suffering from winter blues. Force yourself to get out of the lazy gone and go out in sunlight to gain some energy.


  • Change in appetite – People usually in such a depression start craving rich sugary foods such as bakery items and sweets. Consuming such unhealthy calories may lead to more mood swings and make one more disheartened.


  • Mood changes – During winters, people usually are out of their frame of mind. Stress and tiredness may make one irritable and more concerned.


  • Difficulty in concentrating – Being unable to focus on anything is a great sign of winter depression. Making priorities and exercising may help one focus on the prospective task.


  • Craving Carbohydrates – People, when usually depressed, intend to eat more of high carb filled snacks because such foods make a person less disheartened and less tired.


  • Low levels of activity–Lack of motivation, feeling low and the aim to bury oneself into the warmth of blankets shows that the winter blues have attacked one. It is very important to be physically fit and healthy and to be so; one should workout daily to keep themselves fit.


  • Physical pain– Backaches, headaches and muscle pains are signs of depression. People who normally suffer from migraines may face severe pains than normal. Some who rarely get such pains would start feeling them on and off. Usually stomach gets upset too leading to indigestion or constipation.


  • Changes in social behavior–Individuals usually stay away from the people they usually communicate with. They neither mingle with people nor enjoy activities they once used to do.

Such shifts in moods and stress lead to winter depression. Try not to stay around people who spread negativity and reduce intake of caffeine to stay happy and hydrated in such a dry weather. If you feel grumpy or helpless, too much hungry and irritated, take a step and go out to relax instead to staying in and making yourself drown deep into the well of depression.

Manahyl is an entrepreneur running her online business and private tuition centre for O & A levels students. Manahyl holds an MBA from Bahria University and is a graduate in Marketing. During school and University, she has been an active part of many debating groups and other curricular activities. Manahyl is an ambitious girl with high goals in life and a vision to take her online business to new height.

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