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Apple Unveils the Almighty iMac Pro at the WWDC 2017

Apple Unveils the Almighty iMac Pro at the WWDC 2017

Apple may have its close competitors when it comes to smartphones, but desktops are an innovation that Apple has aced by all means.  From the revolutionary MacBook to the innovative iMac; their gadgets are the very epitome of technology and class.




Yesterday at the Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2017 in California, Prime executives Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller, and Tim Cook made some remarkable revelations and announced Apple’s latest updates related to iPhones, Apple TV, MacBook, and more including the latest most advanced operating system for their devices; iOS 11.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce the iOS and quoted:

“We are going to take the world’s best, most advanced operating system, and turn it up to 11”.


Among these innovations, they also unveiled their most prized possession of that date; the all new supercharged iMac Pro.




“This is without a doubt the most beautiful iMac we’ve ever made, but it’s also going to be by far the most powerful iMac we’ve ever made.” Apple executive quotes about the new iMac.



It’s big, bold, and beautiful

The new iMac Pro comes with a huge 10.5-inch screen which is 20% larger than the last one, along with a dazzling Retina 5k display.


It’s super fast and virtually banging

The new iMac Pro embodies the super fast 18 – core XEON CPU, a RADEON VEGA Graphics processing unit, 128 GB ECC RAM, and a 2 TB SSD.


SIRI just got smarter

Apple’s senior vice president Craig Federighi announced the latest advancement in Apple SIRI voice command.

” We have used deep learning now to create a very naturally expressive voice for SIRI,” Craig Federighi.

SIRI now also comes with a male voice and can say the same words in many different ways.


Last but not the least, Apple revealed their last innovation and the showstopper of the night; “Homepod”.

It may look so little and cute, but it’s an audio beast.

An advanced home speaker that yields a banging audio experience with superior sound quality and amazing intelligence. Apple has also put SIRI in its latest “Homepod”.


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