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Maha Kazmi releases song with Guitar Maestro Amir Zaki

Maha Kazmi releases song with Guitar Maestro Amir Zaki

While it still seems hard to believe that legendary Guitarist Amir Zaki is no more, here is a chance for his fans to rejoice. Music sensation Maha Kazmi released a new song on her Facebook, which is supposedly composed and written by Amir Zaki.

Maha released the song as a tribute to the legendary artist and thanked his sister Abida Zaki for the support. You can listen to the song below and relive the genius of Amir Zaki.

Maha stated that she has worked on the song ‘Aaj Sun Ke Tumhara Naam’ with Amir Zaki many years ago. However, the song wasn’t released as Maha had to leave for Australia while Amir Zaki moved to Canada.

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