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Trump to the Rescue of Afghan Girls Robotics Team

Trump to the Rescue of Afghan Girls Robotics Team

There are very few instances when US President Donald Trump does something right. In one of his act of generosity, Trump came to the rescue of Afghan girls’ robotics team who were denied US visa for participation in an academic competition.

The girls were rejected twice before given a final clearance following international outrage. Trump came under radar once again over his efforts to restrict immigrations from Muslim-majority countries.

Fatemah Qadreyan, one of the team members, expressed her gratitude: “”We are so happy from the support of the Americans and Mr. Trump, and we thank them for providing us visas to allow us to travel and attend the competitions.” She further said: “We were disappointed, and we were feeling bad, but now we are very happy that they have given us a chance to go.”

Affirming his father’s effort, Ivanka Trump also took to her Facebook to welcome Afghan girls to US.

“I look forward to welcoming this brilliant team of Afghan girls, and their competitors, to Washington DC next week!” Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, wrote in a statement on Facebook. “These girls represent our world’s future scientists, engineers, and innovators!”

While we get to criticize Trump often for his decisions, we must also appreciate him for exercising his power for something right.

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