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What is Hato Bacho? The idea revolves around the slang word and concept of uniqueness, difference, a great quality of something or someone, a conversation which is different, a point of view which is out of the world, it may go along with new fashion trends, political talks, a wicket taken out in cricket in an amazing way or a goal which is scored by a football player in the field.

The word different and unique represents Hato Bacho, it may include an entrepreneur who made victory by selling his business in ways people can’t think, a prank between friends and families it may represent social circles taking out new joke to create fun in there and other people’s life. This website “” represents the strong most expression which may include happiness, a great regard for something or someone, a great happening, event or personality which is beyond normal approach.

At HatoBacho we are talking about the next big thing in the world of blogging, articles, and videos where it is a mix of concrete information, fun and knowledge covering all ages.

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