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A Few Good Men in Sindh Police

A Few Good Men in Sindh Police

When you think of Sindh police bribery and corruption are always attached to them. People can get away from violating rules by giving bribe and also try to give reference of high rank officers or influential government employees when they are caught violating. One of our readers from Karachi, Pakistan experienced something unusual while he was going to home from office.

Today when I was going to home from office at 2 talwar right in front of Ocean mall two traffic policemen named Raheem Bux (Assistant Sub Inspector) and Akash stopped me for violating traffic rules (I was talking on the phone while driving). As soon as he stopped me I gave him a reference of a TV channel but he didn’t listen to me and kept on asking for my driving licence. When I gave him my licence he told me my violation and fined me right there. I kept on supporting my mistake and called few contacts in police as well but he didn’t listen and printed an e-chalan and told me to pay the fine. I even offered him some bribe but he was too rigid and told me that don’t bribe me or I will fine you more. After a long debate I paid him chalan and went.

I was so amazed to see the honesty of those guys. After a while I went back to him and told them that I liked their honesty and tried to gift them some money but they didn’t take it and said we are poor people just remember us in your prayers, we can’t take any money from you its haram for us because we are here to serve you and government gives us money for that. I was so happy to see their response; at least there are some people who are still performing their duty well. A few good men still exist in a corrupt place.


Assistant Sub Inspector Sindh Police


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