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05 Surprising Facts You Need to Know this World Environment Day

05 Surprising Facts You Need to Know this World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is a noble initiative by the United Nations to help spread necessary awareness to the public about the world and its environment, and encourage necessary actions to counter the hazards that are destroying the heaven we live in; earth.

It is observed every year on May 5th, ever since 1947. This day is specifically focused towards broadcasting environmental hazards like marine population, human overpopulation, and global warming.



It’s a beautiful world we live in. So perfectly aligned, with nature shining at its very best at every sight you see. From the mesmerizing Northern Lights to the mystical Krubera caves; this world is a flawless masterpiece. However, as we jump started our journey towards the so-called “evolution”, we forgot to take a minute and realize the harm it is causing to nature and the environment around us. We kept our heads down while our industrial pollution started poisoning the air around us, until now that our heads are above the water and we are on the verge of damnation. Progress at the cost of the nature around us is a relapse.


Here is a list of 05 surprising facts about our environment that you probably didn’t know about.


recycling paper

More than 27,000 trees are cut down each year so we can have some toilet paper

Regardless to say that cutting down trees is one of the main reasons we are facing the worst ordeal in the form of global warming. Why? Just so we could wipe our asses off with some paper. The irony.


sea waste

About a million sea creatures die every year from the plastic waste we throw into the sea.

That soda bottle you threw probably killed the beautiful dolphin you so love to watch in the marine shows.


cutting rain forest

Approximately 6000 acres of rain forests are cut every hour. 

As we barbarically destroy the forests, the animals that live within the jungles are bound to perish, with some animals reaching the verge of extinction.


Trump Paris climate agreement

American companies alone use enough paper to fringe the whole earth 3 times

Trump backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement despite the fact that the US is one of the leading countries that add to world pollution and global warming is sad and ignorant.


Aluminium cans

Aluminum can be recycled infinite times. Literally. 

We could have enough energy for our television to run for non-stop 3 hours, if only we recycle a single can of aluminum, while we use 80 trillion cans every year.


It is never too late to start atoning for our past mistakes and start making amends. Let’s join our hands together and take a vow to make changes that can help make our environment better, no matter how big or small they maybe, and let’s bask in the real spirit of World Environment Day.

World Environment Day.

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