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AIDS in Pakistan: 5 Staggering Facts to think about this World AIDS day

AIDS in Pakistan: 5 Staggering Facts to think about this World AIDS day

All over the world, AIDS Day is celebrated on 1st of December. It is an opportunity for all to get together and fight against HIV diseases. We should come together and show support to the people infected with such sexually transmitted diseases and also to those who have died from these diseases. The concept of World Aids Day started in 1988 when organizations like UNICEF and UNAIDS started bringing these issues in media so people could get aware of them.

Irrespective of all the changes in education and society, sexually transmitted disease remain the most significant challenge to the low and middle income countries. Science and technology is progressing a lot these days. There have been lots of laws passed to protect people infected with HIV or such diseases. In Pakistan, it is a big concern as with time the number of cases has been growing. High usage of drug and non-acceptance of increase in non-marital relationships is ruining our society more with these diseases.

According to one statistical report, there were around 132,000 patients in Pakistan infected by HIV diseases in the first quarter of 2017. Pakistan needs to scale up its intervention to stop the rapid increment in such diseases. The number has increased by about 40,000 from the past year. Punjab – the largest domain of Pakistan is the most effected followed by Sindh and then Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some surprising facts about AIDS that should be thought about this World AIDS Day are:

  • There are around 36.9 million people affected with AIDS globally. This includes around 3 million children.
  • The number of adolescent deaths resulting from aids have increased three times in past 15 to 17 years
  • Nations like Africa states that AIDS is the number one death cause. Pakistan should bring in appropriate measures to stop such cases or else it would take no time to get next to the statistics of African economies.
  • Now almost 15 million people are receiving anti-retroviral therapy as compared to 1 million in 32001.6. In sub-Saharan Africa, the region with the highest prevalence, girls account for 7 in 10 new infections among those aged 15-19
  • Almost 8 million people have passed away because of such transmitted diseases. It is because almost 50% of people do not know they are affected with such disease because of expensive tests and non-availability of free medications.

We and our government should come together and take appropriate steps to prevent such cases. Stopping it from spreading furthermore is very important or else in no time it could became a viral issue.

Manahyl is an entrepreneur running her online business and private tuition centre for O & A levels students. Manahyl holds an MBA from Bahria University and is a graduate in Marketing. During school and University, she has been an active part of many debating groups and other curricular activities. Manahyl is an ambitious girl with high goals in life and a vision to take her online business to new height.

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