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5 Roles That Only Ranveer Singh Can Fit In

5 Roles That Only Ranveer Singh Can Fit In

He is fearless, entertaining and the quirkiest actor in Bollywood. On his birthday, we bring you five different personalities of Ranveer Singh who has never failed to impress, be it his acting, wit or style.

The King of Quirk

Ranveer Singh is known as ‘The King of Quirk’ as he makes some of the most unexpected style statements on major events. From his long moustaches on Bajirao promotions to his most hip-hop clothes, he has never shied away from experimenting with his new looks. From his weird get ups to his long-grown beard, Ranveer looks supremely confident in his every look.

Ranveer Singh

The Actor

In a short career span, Ranveer has managed to do some most intense characters with ease and has outdone himself in every other role. In his journey, he has worked with the likes of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Zoya Akhtar and Abbas Ali Zafar. From serious roles like Lootera and Bajirao Mastani to carefree Kabir in Dil Dhadakne do, his acting skills has taken everyone by surprise.

Ranveer Singh

The Dancer

Ranveer Singh can groove to any beat and surely knows how to kill the dance floor. Sporting his crazy energy in ‘Malhari’ or showing those sassy moves in ‘Nashe si Chad gayi’, he knows how to dance well. Another fact about his dancing is that he is never shy of displaying his dancing skills, be it any film awards or any comedy show.

The Entertainer

Ranveer surely knows how to keep his audience entertained. His infectious energy is hard to contain at times. Be it on any talk show, a movie theatre or even a road, Ranveer the entertainer can lighten up any atmosphere with his wit and outspoken personality. His social media accounts are one example where you can find all fun, from his ‘Eye to Eye’ to his crazy dancing video as Krish.

The Rapper

Ranveer Singh is fearless and is never afraid to try anything new. While we have seen glimpses of Ranveer the Rapper on different occasions, his newly released Rap song tells a different story. He has totally nailed the rap battle but more than that, he looks intense with dreadlocks, tiny pupil lenses and carefree swag.

Seeing his growth over the years, he proves that there is no limit to the talent. He has made his mark among one of the best in Bollywood and his distinctive personality sets him apart from all others.

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