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05 Eating Tips to Make Ramadan Fasting Easy this Summer

05 Eating Tips to Make Ramadan Fasting Easy this Summer

Ramadan in Pakistan holds a significance like no other religious month. It is the one month in which we let go of all our differences, unite under the shelter of religious holiness, and fast for a full month.


Fasting requires patience, strength, and endurance in which weather plays a very important role. Not so long ago Ramadan in Pakistan used to be in Winters. All of us remember our childhood fasting in a cold weather.  Now due to a number of environmental factors like global warming, the weather has taken a new turn all over the world which affected Pakistan too. For almost a whole decade, Pakistanis have been fasting for Ramadan in summers, with the last 3 years being most scorchingly hot. So many people fell victim to heat strokes last year which resulted in a number of casualties.


Just like last year, this Ramadan in Pakistan is in summers too and it’s expected to be hotter than last year. Let’s make fasting in Ramadan easy and beat the heat this summer with the help of these 5 simple tips.


Avoid Processed Foods

Stick to real food only. Processed foods are a straight no-no while you are fasting. They contain harmful additives like fructose syrup and sodium to enhance the flavors. Junk foods are going to harm your metabolism and digestion that can make fasting harder, especially in summers.


Stick to Hydrating Foods

In order for you to make it through a whole day without water, it is necessary to maintain proper hydration at the time of Sehri. Hydrating foods like watermelons are your best bet. If eating them is troublesome, squeeze in some juice and enjoy.


Say no to Fried Foods

Samosas and Pakoras are our cultural heritage and it’s almost impossible to cut them off of our Iftar tables, but the least we can do is limit their consumption. Oily fried foods are harder to digest especially when our stomach has been dry for long hours due to fasting.


Control the Carb Intake

Carbs break down into sugar and cause our body insulin levels to disrupt. Who doesn’t love a cheesy bowl of Pasta to treat themselves a long fast but it’s not the best idea for your healthy gut. Carbs aren’t easily digested so if you do consume some, mix them with some protein-rich foods to balance the nutrition.


Yogurt Every Morning

Gulp in some spoons of yogurt in every Sehri with your food and water. Yogurt is naturally cool in efficacy, promotes hydration, and can help calm your thirst for longer hours.

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